The first step in the house clearance process is VALUATION.  We need to assess and value the items you want to dispose of.  So we offer a FREE NO-OBLIGATION valuation arranged at your convenience.  At this time we will discuss with you the items we would like to buy and advise on the disposal of the other items.  Goods may be worth hundreds of pounds or they might require safe responsible disposal if they are considerably past their best.

Free Quotation

Where there is some rubbish to be cleared alongside items of value we will offset the cost of dumping against the value of the goods we want to buy.  In this way  rubbish can be removed at the same time without any additional cost or charge. Where there is a lot of rubbish to be removed and no real items of value Berwick and Borders House Clearance will provide you with a FREE QUOTATION for the costs of removal and disposal of all items.

Privacy Policy

Berwick and Borders House Clearance (BBHC) will delete all prospective customers’ personal contact information within 7 days of responding to a contact form enquiry.  Once agreed work is completed by BBHC, personal contact information (from all communication means used by the customer) will be deleted from BBHC data records.  No personal customer contact information will be shared with any third parties at any point.

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