Berwick and Borders House Clearance will identify items of significant value when we call to do our initial free valuation.  Among the ordinary furniture and effects, perhaps even among the pile of items you have designated junk and rubbish, there may be a gem or two that will be worth selling separately.  We will value these items on their own and make a strong cash offer based on the open market value – we might be talking £500 for a good local painting or perhaps several thousand pounds for some rare tools and collectables.  WHAT WE DON’T DO is just sweep up valuable items in the general grist of a house clearance.  We don’t believe that is fair or ethical so (as ever) our key principle is proper valuation.

If you are not ready to sell a significant piece at the time of clearance that is no problem at all.  We will simply offer you best advice on what options you have for achieving a good price in the future and get on with the job in hand.


In 2012 Berwick and Borders House Clearance owner, Peter, was called out to a small loft clearance above a garage in the Scottish Borders.  Among all the plastic toys, prams and broken furniture there was an ugly carved stick which looked African in origin.  Peter agreed with the customer that he would do some research and have the stick valued by a specialist.  Photographs of the stick were sent to the relevant specialist at Bonhams who described the item as “not particularly valuable”. Deciding not to take no for answer Peter did some further research and eventually consigned the piece to an auction house in the Midlands.  A few days after the sale Peter phoned the auctioneer and asked if anyone had bid on the stick.  After telling Peter to sit down and breath deeply the auctioneer revealed that the ugly little stick had just sold for £5,200!  Peter phoned his customer and passed on the terrific news. A reasonable rate of commission was agreed for the work done and payment to the customer was made forthwith.  (I understand a wonderful holiday was had by the customer and his family later that year).