Junk and Rubbish


Berwick and Borders House Clearances main aim is to pay customers for their unwanted items. We aren’t looking to get something for nothing.

But what if there is a lot of junk and rubbish to clear? The amount we charge to clear rubbish and junk depends on whether we are also buying items of value from you. So for example, if Berwick and Borders House Clearance has agreed to buy a lot of furniture from you and there are a few small items to dump then we will NOT CHARGE you to dispose of them and we will pay you the full amount agreed.

On the other hand, if there is a lot of junk and rubbish to go and only a few items of value worth buying then Berwick and Borders House Clearance will charge you to do that work. This charge may be deducted from the amount we agreed to pay you. In some cases the value of the items we would like to buy will not cover the costs of clearing and dumping the rubbish and there will be a fee to pay at the time of the clearance. A FREE QUOTATION for dumping junk and rubbish will be discussed during our first Valuation visit.


How we deal with items not worth a great deal but too good to dump

As Berwick and Borders House Clearance is committed to recycling wherever possible, it would be a sin to dump perfectly useful items but which have little resale value. So we will offer these items to charities like The Salvation Army or Charity Begins At Home in the first instance. Obviously charities do not want dirty or damaged items so we have to be selective in what we offer them. If a charity does not want an item (for all manner of reasons) then it will be disposed of at a Waste Transfer Station at our cost (or possibly consigned to auction in the hope that someone will get some further use from it – we will occasionally donate a small sum of money to a charity from the sale proceeds of such items at our discretion).